So you have a complaint about the Police; those trusted public servants who are supposedly accountable to the public…of course we have to rely on their say so that they are trustworthy as whenever there’s a complaint  against any of them that complaint is investigated by themselves. Lets have a  look at the results of a recent complaint as an example of just how bias their investigations are. Police are called to a domestic incident by a neighbour. The address they go to is in a very built up area, the house is a tiny mid terrace so any arguments taking place inside can be heard by several neighbours. Two police officers attend, one male and one female. Both confirm that upon arrival all’s quiet, the front door opens and a female walks out, she is tearful and clearly upset. She explains that she’s had an argument with partner and that it’s all over now and he’s just about to leave. They enter the house uninvited where they confirm the young woman’s partner has a bag packed and he confirms that he’s about to leave. The young woman has serious mental health problems and has been seriously assaulted in the past by Police officers who were never held accountable, understandably she doesn’t want police in her house and she asks them to leave, they refuse. Before I continue let me just tell you that the whole incident is clearly recorded on the Police officers own body cams. The female officer begins to goad the young woman, telling her not to get “ARSEY” the young woman turns away and is grabbed by the wrist by the WPC. In this WPCs explanation to the PSD investigator she states she did this as she thought the female might attack her colleague but on the body cam footage the young woman tells her to let go of her and asks why she has grabbed her to which the WPC states “because your walking away when I’m talking”…More Police turn up and walk into the young woman’s house, her partner tells them to leave as she has mental health problems and she is becoming distressed at their unnecessary presence. Throughout the footage on different police officers body cams, this young vulnerable woman is seen backing off from police officers, stepping away from them, she is repeatedly grabbed by them, repeatedly heard pleading “please, I haven’t done anything wrong” ” Can you leave my house please” “Why are you grabbing me, that’s assault” she is seen backing up climbing onto the back of the settee in her living room clearly distressed and crying, telling them to leave her alone as she hasn’t done anything. She is so distressed by them that she vomits. She is grabbed by two WPCs and dragged onto the couch where she attempts to pull away. She’s informed that she’s under arrest for breach of the peace; Her partner objects stating “who’s peace is she breaching?, she hasn’t done anything!” More police arrive, she is pounced upon by five police officers, this young vulnerable woman is a size 6 and weighs just seven stone, she is seen begging them not to take her to the custody suite…the place where she was so brutally assaulted in the past by police officers who got away scot free with what they’d done to her. Her head hits the ground causing bruising above her eye and her tiny frame is covered in bruises which was later documented by her shocked GP as EXTENSIVE BRUISING, she also had a suspected broken wrist. Nowhere on any footage is she seen aggressive or abusive, yet the PSD investigating officer states she is aggressive and violent…NOWHERE WHATSOEVER is this displayed. Police had no justification to remain inside her house once they had established there was no ongoing issue, there was no justification for her arrest. Only one police officer gives a true account of what went on which is consistent with all the footage and he identifies that the young woman repeatedly pleaded with them to leave. This policeman was reluctant to assist in the arrest or restraint of this young mentally ill woman, clearly he identified that what was going on was very wrong, yet HE WAS THE ONLY POLICE OFFICER TO BE IDENTIFIED BY THE PSD INVESTIGATOR AS IN NEED OF DISCIPLINARY ACTION FOR NOT ASSISTING HIS COLLEAGUES IN THE RESTRAINT OF THIS VULNERABLE YOUNG WOMAN!….This incident has massively impacted on the well being of the young woman who was yet again the victim of police bully’s. Isn’t it about time the PSD stopped being paid to conduct patently bias investigations, maybe if they were held to account when such displays of bias are identified they’d become a bit less pro police and anti-public in their corrupt findings of NO POLICE OFFICERS INVOLVED HAVING ANYTHING TO ACCOUNT FOR!



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