Why do people like me all too often stand alone? and who exactly are people like me?

We are the thousands of people who’s voices shout into the ears of an insidious  system filled with officials who are handsomely paid to serve and protect us from the criminality of corrupt public servants, yet who belong to THE VERY SAME SYSTEM OF WHICH THEY THEMSELVES ARE PART!  We fight a lonely battle for truth and justice; the stench of corruption fills our nostrils as we come up against one brick wall after another in our pursuit to expose the truth…

We all too often start our journeys full of naivety and misplaced trust in legal teams and a corrupt judiciary; by the time we realise the truth its often too late for us,  it is only then that it dawns on us, how we have been well and truly screwed over by them all!

So what do we…

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