Defining corruption

Lets get straight to the point, Police corruption is rife throughout the country. I have to be honest though, I both admire and pity those police officers who put their all into doing an often difficult job without being battered into submission to comply with routine corruption amongst the ranks.

In fairness to Police around the country I’m not going to be dragging them into my revelations as I have no evidence to back up such claims and I’m not one to make allegations without supporting evidence! My revelations are solely about the corruption within Merseyside’s Police force, however its not just Merseyside Police who are in my firing line,  the corruption isn’t limited there…Hell no! we have a whole corrupt judiciary going on here and what most people may find hard to swallow is the fact that their own legal team could be setting them up!

Lets think for a moment about corporate corruption. Firstly we think about the big cases, those reported on by the media once someone lets the cat out of the bag… cases that more than justifiably sparks up Public outrage, for example cases such as the notorious Police cover up of the Hillsborough disaster which incidentally  I’m sure no one needs reminding involved the participation of Merseyside’s Police Force….

I’m going to specifically use the despicable police cover up of the Hillsborough Disaster as an example of how the People of Merseyside are being continually and patently lied to by The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police Sir Jon Murphy and I’m going to expose the evidence to prove my claims.

The Hillsborough investigations are still going on and the hierarchy at Merseyside Police force aren’t going to like what Iv got to say. If your interested in reading what they don’t want me to print then keep watching this blog.

my personal story of Merseyside Police corruption cover ups and wickedness will be published in my book CRUCIFIXION OF JUSTICE in 2016.


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